Endless Love | Nihan throws a surprise birthday party for Emir

Endless Love | Nihan throws a surprise birthday party for Emir
Emir's presence is a constant threat to Nihan and her daughter 
Episode 40

Kemal pulls it together rather quickly after his disappointment about Deniz, but he doesn’t know about Emir’s plan just yet. Kemal escalates his plans to destroy Emir Kozcuoğlu. He has two initial targets: Emir’s reputation and clearing his name regarding Ozan’s death and prove it to Nihan. Kemal starts his move with a method that is difficult and confusing for Emir to track down. Emir also starts his move to stop Kemal’s next possible plan. Emir is in for a surprise when Kemal reveals his plans.
With Leyla on her side, Nihan continues with her own plan. She places a dynamite at the center of Kozcuoğlu family, a dynamite that can go off at any time. Meanwhile, a mysterious package arrives and lures her into several different hesitations regarding Ozan’s death. This package changes Nihan’s entire perspective and it will pave the way for another confrontation for Kemal and Nihan. Kemal’s guilt-free behavior shakes Nihan’s faith in Kemal. She is very close to forgiving him. She knows that to get rid of Emir for good, to keep her daughter safe, Nihan’s plans will need to work smoothly. She organizes a surprise birthday party for Emir.
The night of the party, Kemal shows up without an invitation. Every time Nihan and Kemal lock eyes, they’ll fight a battle of their own against their hearts. Asu and Tufan’s relationship that is based on trust is shaken to the core with a solid crisis to be dealt with. Asu ambushes him. In retaliation, Tufan takes action to make her pay at Emir’s surprise party.
This birthday party is the important night that can answer a lot of questions for Kemal’s research. The successfully hidden detail regarding Ozan’s death has the power to bring Nihan and Kemal back together.

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