Gülümse Yeter | Sarp surprises the family with his gift

Gülümse Yeter | Sarp surprises the family with his gift
Sarp's gesture also makes Yasemin very happy 
Episode 13

With the money he inherited, Sarp buys the old house and wants to surprise both Yasemin and the family. Even though Hasan is offended with this house news, everybody else is beyond happy. Ayten and Ahmet are happy for having moved into a new and big house whereas Lütfü and Nermin are happy because they returned home. The Cihan Family struggles to keep up with this new world while also trying to make ends meet. Even though Hasan is alone and unhappy because he didn’t leave with the other for the new house, he is troubled by his friend Tevfik and his neighbor Neriman always pressuring him. Gül passes Seçil’s surprise internship exam with Kemal’s help so she wants to thank him. Kemal tries to persuade Gül that his love in sincere but as he tries to do so, he falls for Seçil’s bait. Taking advantage of his father’s lack of presence at the company, Cem wants to bring his partnership with Lütfü to the office and offers him a job.

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