Broken Pieces | Selma walks in with an offer for Cihan

Broken Pieces | Selma walks in with an offer for Cihan
Cihan is suspicious at first but he's about to change his mind 
Episode 76

Taken to the police station, Harun finds out who filed a complaint about him. Dilara has but one condition to forgive him: Harun has to turn Maide in. Torn between his wife and his aunt, Harun is also uneasy about the attention he is getting from Asuman. Dilara overhears one of their conversations and she freaks out.
Burhan meets Cansu to win his son back. The accident Cansu gets involved in reveals the severity of her health situation. Burhan doesn’t intent to give up just yet. He convinces Deniz to believe him but Deniz is about to learn an even greater secret about his father.
Hazal makes a huge mistake at the firm. Ozan goes after her and as he finds out about her big secret, Cihan is there with him. After having followed him for days, Selma finally faces Cihan and makes him a job offer. Cihan doesn’t want to believe this woman who is determined to avenge her past but when she goes to see Harun, Cihan is having second thoughts.

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