Insider | Will Melek blow Sarp's cover?

Insider | Will Melek blow Sarp's cover?
Will she try to expose who he really is? 
Episode 5

Melek is starting to doubt Sarp’s intentions. She needs a clear answer because if Sarp is carrying information, then she’ll need to tell Celal. Sarp is thrilled to hear from Necip that his brother is alive but Necip erased his tracks by burning down his house. Sarp finds out that Celal is about to make a huge shipment with his special guest Akın Işık. He thinks this time he’s going to settle Celal’s hash and finally unite with his brother. A boy named Barış starts working at Füsun’s diner. Who’s this Barış that Füsun is treating as if her own boy? Is Melek going to reveal that Sarp is working for the police?

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