Rüzgarın Kalbi | Zeynep's grandfather has a car accident

Rüzgarın Kalbi | Zeynep's grandfather has a car accident
Rüzgar promises to stand by Zeynep through everything 
Episode 8

Before she gets a chance to get over the shock of running into Rüzgar by Meltem’s grave, Zeynep is shaken with another news. Her grandfather had a serious car accident. They rush back to Foça. Muammer is in surgery and it brings the whole family together. The revelation of Rüzgar and Zeynep’s new relationship is the cherry on top of their busy night. While Ayla tries to help Zeynep in this process, she’s going to be the one who needs help after she learns the truth about Kemal’s personal life. Kutay is after another mischief. Trying to fight him off, Rüzgar gets helps from a friend who lives in İzmir. Is it going to work or is it going to make things even more complicated, especially his relationship with Zeynep?

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