Hangimiz Sevmedik | Tarık leaves for İzmir

Hangimiz Sevmedik | Tarık leaves for İzmir
Itır is further shocked when Adile tells her Tarık loves someone else 
Episode 10

Tarık is determined to speak to Münir about the past but Şener’s arrest by Süleyman prevents that. Shaken by Tarık filing for divorce, Itır hears from Adile that Tarık is in love with Hale and that she wants to marry them and she is devastated.
Meanwhile, after learning that Itır and Tarık are married, Hulusi and İhsan merge their powers with the rest of the neighborhood residents to save Itır and Tarık’s marriage. Şener and Ayşen, however, have a different plan of their own.
Hulusi returns Şener’s coffee kiosk after his innocence about the poisoning is proven. Şener takes action to create a special coffee that’s going to make him a renowned brand.
Tarık hears from the hospital in İzmir about his application and he sets out for his new job.

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