Back Streets | Colonel threatens to destroy Rıza's family

Back Streets | Colonel threatens to destroy Rıza's family
Colonel Yüksel is going after Rıza's family and Rıza warns them 
Episode 412

Rıza Soylu and his family are being threatened by Colonel Yüksel and they are in danger. In the meantime, Oktay is under surveillance for Gamze’s death due to overdose. The security camera shows Tunç’s arrival at the death scene so Mesut is informed. Mesut freaks out as he tries to find Tunç. Rıza calls Arif about the threats and Rıza’s house is secured. Rıza takes Ali and leaves, informing him about what’s going on. They decide to inform Pınar and Ayla and tell them to stay calm. Necla and Kerim are packing at home when the delivery boy of the nearest market shows up. He delivers a package to Necla and leaves immediately. The package has Kerim’s favorite sandwich inside, with a note on the wrapper. The note starts with the words “my brave boy” and invites him to a meeting point. Kerim goes to meet his father without telling his mother. He is being followed by the police unit. They meet at the cemetery, by his grandmother’s grave. Just when he is about to meet his father, the police arrive. In the crossfire, Colonel managed to take his son Kerim and leaves but Cevdet gets caught. As Colonel is driving off with his son in the car with him, they drive off of a cliff. Kerim is unconscious but Colonel manages to escape. The police fakes Kerim’s death. Colonel uses his final move to get revenge from Rıza. He takes action to destroy his family, meaning Ayla, Pınar and the kids are in great danger.

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