Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Işık investigates her parents' death

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Işık investigates her parents' death
Işık is slowly going into depression but Tümay will try to help her 
Episode 9

The people who organized the shooting on the university booth will be revealed. How will Ömer and Filiz get out of this shooting? Zafer is determined to handle Arif and Ömer once and for all for getting in his way every time. Arif is targeted by Zafer’s men but someone else is with him taking the bullets.
Zafer’s men stops the truck filled with weapons that are sent to Cyprus for support. Commander Barış is arrested and taken to prison as the weapons going to Cyprus are taken over by a secret government group.
Halit left home and moved in with Remzi. His leaving shocks everyone at home. Yet the biggest blow for Hüsnü will come from his son Halit.
Işık starts investigating her parents’ death and her personality changes completely. The surprises lead her into a major depression. Her psychology worries Tümay and she tries to do anything to help her.

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