Love For Rent | The gesture-off between Ömer and Defne

Love For Rent | The gesture-off between Ömer and Defne
What's with all these gifts, is it christmas or something? 
Episode 56

Defne and Ömer are alone at last. Defne came and saw that nothing in Ömer’s life is the way she left. No more secrets. Defne blames herself for everything that went bad.
Her conscience gets her to do a gesture for Ömer, which makes him so surprised yet happy. He returns the favor with a thoughtful handmade gift. Pamir has made his move and said his final words, he’ll give Ömer a hard time for sure.
Sinan gets a surprise phone call in the middle of the night. Seda and Sinan story is one worth witnessing. Her words and his desires cross paths for the first time. Will they make a first move eventually? Koray’s new victim is Seda. There’s a party at the company. The special guest, the VIP and the host of the party is one happy Koray Sargın. Neriman gets the chance to attend and see how her new plan is working out. The party levels up the Ömer-Pamir-Defne triangle and causes some unexpected developments afterwards.
İso is closer to loving again than ever before. Türkan’s call for help creates the time for them to be alone. İso feels happier while Ayşegül’s troubles are escalating.

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