Cesur Yürek | Ömer returns home to find it completely changed

Cesur Yürek | Ömer returns home to find it completely changed
Ömer decides to take action to save his neighborhood and friends 
Series Premiere

Having lead an ordinary life as a fisherman in İstanbul, Ömer returns to his neighborhood upon completion of military service and meets an extraordinary situation. The fishing boats of his neighborhood are being used as transporters for drug, human and gun trafficking by an internationally knows mafia. Some of his friends have joined in exchange for money and some others are forced and blackmailed into joining. Ömer sees that his family and his friends are losing their honor as well as everything they ever had and he decides to do something to stop this and declares war against this mafia. He is not alone. Berrin, a young and idealist lawyer who returns home after years, will be his biggest support. Ömer’s journey means tough competition and enemies. Human trafficking of Tatar Ahmet and his son İskender, gun smuggler Harbi and drug baron Gevaşlı are only a few... In a military operation Ömer joins during his service, Ömer meets Enver who is the leader of a secret government. After this operation, Ömer learns a secret he’s going to have to keep for the rest of his life. This secret will drastically change Ömer, his family, his neighborhood and his remaining life...

Cesur Yürek premieres tonight on Show TV at 20:00!