Intersection | Ali Nejat gets released from prison

Intersection | Ali Nejat gets released from prison
Enver thinks someone made sure Ali Nejat looked like the #1 suspect for Naz's murder 
Episode 30

Lawyer Nihan helps free Ali Nejat from the prison but Murat doesn’t like it. Enver is sure that someone is behind Ali Nejat’s being there in the first place. Nihan also goes after this and finds out that Süreyya is the last person she spoke to before she was murdered. Süreyya’s real identity is a surprise to everyone.
Murat figures out that Melisa, who has earned Enver’s trust, is lying and he goes after her. Neslihan is sick of Murat’s harassment as well. Umut suspects Neslihan, not knowing what’s really going on. Gökçe comes back home for the first time in months and is shocked to see that her mother Cahide is taking care of her baby. Determined to not give up until Gökçe takes her baby and mothers her, Genco makes one huge mistake of his own...

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