Wedlock | Yekta has proof to track his family down

Wedlock | Yekta has proof to track his family down
Atlas makes a mistake that Yekta notices 
Episode 30

After getting over the initial shock of seeing Aylin and the kids alive in front of her, Miray rushes to Yekta to tell him that his family is alive. Aylin fails to stop her and panics. She has no option but to take her kids and leave the farm.
Meanwhile Atlas is busy meeting Yekta and he gets a phone call from his son Tayfun. Having resisted lying and getting her hands dirty up until now, Miray is about to tell Yekta everything.
Yekta notices a detail in the fake ID cards of his kids that Atlas brought. The cards say that their mother is named Leyla. The person who’s been sending e-mails is also named Leyla. He suspects that Aylin might be this Leyla. For the first time he has a solid proof and he’ll track this down.

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