Endless Love | Kemal suspects Deniz might be his daughter

Endless Love | Kemal suspects Deniz might be his daughter
Nihan is willing to collab with Emir to keep Deniz safe from everything 
Episode 39

After seeing Deniz in Nihan’s arms and connecting the pieces, Kemal has one question in his mind: can she be his daughter? He’s going to need a more concrete proof than what his heart is saying. When Emir figures out Kemal’s suspicious about the subject, he decides to do anything necessary to keep the facts from Kemal.
Nihan takes her own precautions against the war that’s going to go down between Kemal and Emir about Deniz. She makes tough yet important decisions to keep her baby from getting hurt and makes a dangerous alliance. This cooperation will change the balance between Kemal and Emir.
Meanwhile, after figuring out that Zeynep is still seeing Emir, Kemal goes to his father’s house to face her but surprisingly finds the letter Ozan wrote before he died. What he reads puts Ozan’s death into perspective for the first time for Kemal and he starts doubting there’s more to his death than just suicide.
The possibility that Kemal might have a daughter with Nihan changes all of his priorities regarding the future. Asu, however, wins Kemal’s family over to her side to corner him. A big confrontation awaits Kemal and Asu at the end of the night.
Kemal starts implementing his plan that’s going to bring out the truth. In an event Leyla organizes, Kemal will march towards his own truth regarding Deniz despite all attempts of stopping him.

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