Gülümse Yeter | Kemal helps Gül get over her exam stress

Gülümse Yeter | Kemal helps Gül get over her exam stress
Kemal's decision to stay makes Gül nervous 
Episode 12

Sarp and Yasemin decide to hide their relationship from their families for now. Things get funny as the couple try to keep it on the low as they live under the same roof. The residents hear that Sarp needs to get married in order to qualify for the inheritance so everyone starts looking for a candidate. Ayten ends up at the police station whereas Nermin and Lütfü are busy praising Gül. Nermin wants to take advantage of Ayten’s situation so she blackmails her, trying to exchange roles. Gül’s torn between Seçil’s exam pressure and Kemal’s decision to stay. She panics with Seçil’s last move but gets over her exam anxiety with Kemal’s help. Hasan has no intention of letting Lütfü stick around the house and do nothing, especially after he wrecks his new career with the traffic accident. He once again makes a plan involving cars. As Hasan and Tevfik’s bet takes them to the hospital, Hasan experiences a fear of getting sick due to a misunderstanding at the hospital. He’ll later regret the decisions he made because of this fear. Trying every way to convince Yasemin, Cem decides to sell the old Özdemir house based on tips he got from Lütfü. When Sarp becomes one of the potential buyers after inheriting money, Cem and Sarp begin their new big rivalry.

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