Hangimiz Sevmedik | Tarık files for divorce

Hangimiz Sevmedik | Tarık files for divorce
Tarık leaves Itır and makes plans to move to İzmir 
Episode 9

Having finally learned about the truth behind their break up with Münir 36 years ago, Adile has once again mixed feelings. Münir, however, is oblivious.
Meanwhile, a past love is slowly killing another love. Tarık doesn’t cope well with their parents’ relationship in the past. He files for divorce and faces Münir for a final conversation. Nothing will ever be the same anymore. Tarık leaves his business to a surprise someone and decides to move to İzmir.
Adile meets Itır for an important matter. Already shaken with the divorce, Adile’s words won’t make Itır’s situation any better.
Neighborhood trickster Şener’s new business is going down as well. The residents think the coffee at his shop poisoned them and their reaction is huge. This makes Şener react in the most unexpected manner.

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