Broken Pieces | Cansu's symptoms get worse

Broken Pieces | Cansu's symptoms get worse
Cihan and Deniz look for ways to help her condition 
Episode 75

Dilara has a big argument with Asuman, gradually disturbed by her presence at the mansion. Asuman leaves but Harun brings her back. Not only does he not know about the collaboration between her and Candan, but he also gets weirded out by Asuman’s intimacy directed at him.
Maide invites Harun and Dilara over for a peace dinner. Just when things are going alright, Ozan barges in and questions Harun about the explosion on the boat. Maide is forced to confess. Having faced death, Maide has nothing to lose now. She calls Hazal and they take action based on their new plan.
Cansu is relieved by her MRI results. However, Cihan and Deniz recognize a new indicator about her disease. Her condition is getting serious. Blinded with the grief of her situation, Cihan fails to see the mysterious woman after him and the danger she brings with.

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