O Hayat Benim | Efsun's marriage at stake

O Hayat Benim | Efsun's marriage at stake
Bahar and Ateş's search for truth will eventually corner Efsun
Episode 104

Bahar discovers Zühal is lying and she is now sure Efsun and Sultan are her accomplices. Bahar intends to find about more details and Ateş supports her; neither will back down before they find out what happened to their baby. Ateş wants to be there for Bahar every step of the way so he can’t help but lose his advantage in the war he started against Kenan. As more secrets get revealed, Kenan takes action. News of Kenan being in touch with a resident of the mansion puts Hülya and Efsun in the middle of a lie. The impending confrontation will be the beginning of a great war. Efsun is stuck in the middle of several plots and games. She now has to face a secret that’ll shake her marriage.

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