Seviyor Sevmiyor | Search for Tuna ends in a cabin in the woods

Seviyor Sevmiyor | Search for Tuna ends in a cabin in the woods
Yiğit and Deniz decide they better stay away from each other 
Episode 13

Yiğit is still affected by what happened last night. When he goes to İrem’s place, he runs into Deniz and tenses up. As Deniz leaves to look for Tuna, İrem and Yiğit follow her. As they look for her in the woods, they get stuck in the traps Tuna prepared for hunters. When Tuna tries to save them, they get caught by the hunters. The hunters put Tuna and İrem into one cabin, and Deniz and Yiğit to another as they try to avoid each other. This time will be a chance to confront each other. Yiğit tells Deniz that if they stay close some ‘unwanted’ things might happen, as Tuna tells İrem that they are just extras in this love game and that Deniz and Yiğit will eventually get together. İrem has a different opinion and tells Tuna to not give up so easily either.
At the end of this adventure, they fail in bringing Tuna back to İstanbul. Deniz figures out the incidental footage of her kissing Yiğit will again incidentally be shown at the 20th year ball. She tries to block it but fails, so she asks for Tuna’s help. Tuna will come up with a game-changing idea.

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