The Eighties | Çınaraltı hosts Nurten and Seyfi's engagement party

The Eighties | Çınaraltı hosts Nurten and Seyfi's engagement party
Nurten is happy with the engagement party whereas Seyfi just wants to jump straight to marriage. 
Episode 196

With Rukiye and Fehmi’s support, Nurten and Seyfi escalate their prep for the engagement. Nurten wants a nice ceremony whereas Seyfi wants the official marriage procedures done fast and get married directly. His biggest supporter is realtor Suat. Çınaraltı neighborhood nervously organizes the engagement party. Rukiye assigns Fehmi to help. Even though he doesn’t want to talk to him, he talks to Mesut to arrange the coffee house for the party just so he can do something to help Nurten. Suat and Seyfi prepare a surprise of their own; a surprise that’ll show everyone and especially Nurten.
Gülden thinks Ahmet needs to make more time to be with his family so she forbids him to go to the neighborhood café. Ahmet wants to spend time with his buddies so he is stuck between Gülden and his friends. Meanwhile Seçil finds out about Çağatay’s relationship with Funda. Shaken with this revelation, Seçil’s reaction is curious. Çağatay’s life turns upside down with the return of the love of his life. He’s going to have to choose between Funda and Seçil.
Singer Zeynel Büyükses will shoot a video in the neighborhood and wants Elvan and Şahin to star in it. They first need Sami’s permission.

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