Back Streets | Hakan sent to prison

Back Streets | Hakan sent to prison
Hakan is suspected to help the terrorist organization and gets arrested 
Episode 411

Hakan’s trial finds him guilty and he is sent to prison. Hakan’s mother Nesrin passes out, forcing Aylin to take care of her while being forced to ponder if the man she loves can really be a member of a terrorist group. Hakan is escorted to his ward. Rıza, Mesut, Hüsnü and Ali gather to talk about what to do next, still in disbelief that all this is happening and they don’t doubt their friend. However, Rıza and Arif’s harsh reception makes them think ‘what if’. Tekin has a show at school where he needs to dress like a woman and sing. He asks for Nazike’s help and takes Nazike, Zeliha and Metin to his dress rehearsal. Suat overhears this and calls up Hüsnü. They decide to go to school and surprise their son to see him on stage, not knowing the details of this show. The revelation is going to be a shocking one for Hüsnü.
Tunç’s relationship with Ebru continues, harming his relationship with his father. Ebru hangs out with Tunç at her ex-boyfriend Oktay’s place and is slowly introduced to drugs.

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