Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Cyprus invaded

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Cyprus invaded
Arif is the first volunteer to help Cyprus 
Episode 8

Arif is left with this important file that Leyla left him so he tracks down the names in the file. Tümay doesn’t know about his brother Kubilay being at a mental hospital or about the burnt doll. She finds the doll, putting herself in the middle of this mystery. Devastated by the loss of Tarık, Işık is shaken one more time with a revelation regarding her parents’ death.
The news of Greek army raiding Cyprus and that there are 25 casualties shocks people. National Turkish Student Union decides to help Cyprus. Everybody enlists as a volunteer, including Arif. They organize a support rally for Cyprus at the university, drawing attention to themselves one more time.
Leyla confronts Zafer and proposes to work together using the files she got from Tarık. Meanwhile, she doesn’t let the opportunity of teaching her nemesis Nesteren a little lesson go to waste.

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