Love For Rent | Ömer marks his territory!

Love For Rent | Ömer marks his territory!
I'd say it'd be a cold day in hell before Ömer stood up to anyone for Defne but it's happening! 
Episode 55

After their last encounter, Defne unleashes everything she wanted to say to Ömer. Now it’s Ömer’s turn. His next move is confident and surprising.
The tension between Ömer and Pamir is rising. As Defne builds up her walls once again, Ömer doesn’t intend to stand back and build a ‘friendship’. Defne will have to set some roles.
Meanwhile, Necmi helps Ömer big time in getting Passionis back on its feet. There’s an ongoing construction at the firm. Will Passionis and Stilvagonu settle about its schedule? There’s more news regarding the Sinan-Seda picture. A sudden revelation softens their rigid relationship.
Pamir lets his intentions be known and says he’s in for the game. He challenges Neriman and starts controlling her. Koray’s gossip performance is out of this world. İso is once again controlled by his heart in uncharted territory. His surprise guest at the shop rushes his heart.
Defne’s surprise act of courage will shock us all. She isn’t shy of anything or anyone. How will the Defne-Ömer facedown go? Who’s going to win, love or pride?

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