Never Let Go | Will Nur and Yiğit reunite despite all?

Never Let Go | Will Nur and Yiğit reunite despite all?
With Fatih's proposal, Nur has a difficult decision to make 
Series Finale

Nur is shocked when Fatih proposes to her because there’s no one for her but Yiğit Kozan. Yiğit is physically in pain after what he sees and he goes out back into the yard. Elmas goes ballistic after she finds out Cahit and Nazan are still married. She goes to Cahit and Nazan’s place with a gun in her hand, determined to take her baby and leave, not wanting to hurt anyone. Yiğit will help Cahit and Elmas who gets taken to the police station. Meanwhile, Nur still feels guilty about the accident after seeing Mert for the first time so she goes to İclal to have a talk. Nur is innocent and their paths with Yiğit are separated. She’ll marry Fatih and relocate to Germany. Aytül still wants to end Nur though and she wants to collaborate with Fırat in doing so. Yaren is jealous to find Emin back together with Yağmur. Will Nur really marry Fatih and leave for Germany? Will Elmas save her baby and restart her life with Cahit despite everything? Will Cahit finally see Nazan’s true colors? Who else will Aytül hurt with the hate she stored for Nur? What about the Yiğit-Nur-İclal love triangle?

Never Let Go bids farewell tonight on Show TV at 20:00!