Wedlock | Aylin accepts all the help she can get

Wedlock | Aylin accepts all the help she can get
Zafer shows effort to save Aylin and her children 
Episode 29

When her life is turned upside down, Aylin takes all the help she can get even though she doesn’t trust anyone. Their new life with her kids is leading them to a scary unknown. She suddenly finds herself in a completely unfamiliar environment.
Unsure if Yekta has changed or not, Aylin asks for help from the only person she knows and trusts. Yekta, on the other hand, is getting closer to locating her by tracking down Zafer.
Zafer gets into a hidden battle against Yekta for wanting to liberate Aylin and her children, giving up his own life in the process. This time he’s got the ultimate power and this power is dizzying to say the least. Meanwhile, Miray gets ready to meet her mystery reader who happens to be Aylin.

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