Bodrum Masalı | Yıldız decides to file for divorce

Bodrum Masalı | Yıldız decides to file for divorce
What does this mean for Gözde and Evren's affair? 
Episode 7

Yıldız explains to Faryalı about her decision to divorce Evren. Su overhears this and gets furious. Kelebek’s debt gets his launch party raided by the demanders. Cenk wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Uneasy about Aslı and Ateş’s close friendship, Alara decides to match make Yiğit and Aslı. Meanwhile, Yıldız finds out the girl she’s been taking care of is being forced out of the hospital. Faryalı tries to fix it. Evren makes a plan of his own to separate Gözde-Gönenç intimacy with the help of Cahit and Uzay. Aslı and Ateş take action to stop Uzay and his plan. Evren and Gözde’s big secret is in danger of getting exposed.

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