Endless Love | Emir and Nihan start playing their 'happy' game

Endless Love | Emir and Nihan start playing their 'happy' game
Nihan is determined to keep her daughter away from the Kemal-Emir struggle 
Episode 38

Nihan is reunited with her daughter Deniz. Emir thinks Nihan finally ‘surrendered’ to him and that they have a new order going on, but he doesn’t know about Nihan’s long-term revenge plan. As Nihan focuses on keeping her daughter alive, she sets in motion her plan which has crystal clear sides. Even though she tells herself that she’ll never let Kemal get to her, her heart has a different opinion about staying away from him.
Kemal gets ready to face his real enemy after his prison time. He’ll soon understand that the walls he built around his heart will have little or no use every time he sees Nihan.
Zeynep faces the first blow of her actions for helping Emir. As she tries to cope with her own problems and her feelings for Emir, Hakan shows up and drags her into a whirlpool of regret about her past with Ozan. Hakan has a very important proof about the day Ozan died.
Emir makes a deal that will put Asu in a very difficult position against Kemal. She faces a trap that she won’t be able to escape.
Meanwhile Kemal prepares a huge surprise for Emir in the business they do together. While Emir is busy enjoying his ‘victory’, Kemal is playing a new game with his own rules. His biggest test will once again be about Nihan. His battle against his heart, his mind and his rage is going to be bigger than his battle against Emir.
With Emir’s move, Nihan and Kemal’s paths cross ‘coincidentally’. Playing his own game with his own rules, Kemal’s moves will give Emir a hard time. Every step of the Nihan-Kemal-Emir triangle has its own risk.
The biggest threat to Emir is the possibility that Kemal might realize Deniz is his daughter. He warns Nihan very harshly about this. Nihan is determined the keep Deniz away from Kemal because having Kemal back in their lives means going back to zero and risking Deniz’s life in the battle between Kemal and Emir. Even though Nihan makes promises about this, neither Nihan nor Emir can stand in the way of Kemal and Deniz’s introductions.

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