Bandits | Ex-wife shows up and it's not good

Bandits | Ex-wife shows up and it's not good
Ceylan will pose just another threat to Hızır and Meryem's relationship, but she may be the biggest one 
Episode 41

Meryem and Hızır’s relationship gets tested again with their latest experience. Çakırbeyli couple hold onto each other even tighter every time their enemies try to tear them apart. When the family is back on their feet again, they decide to settle an unfinished business: to marry İlyas and Esra. The bitter surprises and other revelations will ruin the wedding night for everyone, but mostly for Meryem. Hızır’s ex-wife Ceylan shows up and she is a huge threat.
The member of the table who tend to stab each other in the back get together in unison this time to fight their common enemies. As traitors get punished, it is only a matter of time before Alparslan’s big secret is revealed. Hızır Çakırbeyli won’t tolerate any kind of treason because anyone who betrays his order is dead!

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