Gülümse Yeter | Who's the inheritor?

Gülümse Yeter | Who's the inheritor?
Hasan's faux pas creates chaos in the house 
Episode 11

When Hasan lets it slip that he has a secret will creates great controversy in the house. When they find out who inherited it, there’s an even bigger surprise. They’ll now do everything to befriend the inheritor. While Yasemin tries to stay away from Sarp, Sarp finds new ways of getting close to her with a romantic surprise. Lütfü’s punishment for disguising himself as a driver and hijacking a car is becoming a real driver at his new job. He starts driving in the infamous İstanbul traffic, how will his luck treat him this time? Gül in on lockdown at the house, studying for Seçil’s exam but she is shaken with the news that Kemal left the hospital. She decides to blend in with the chaos at home while on the other hand she tries to not get carried away with Kemal whom she sees outside the hospital. Meanwhile, Hasan and Tevfik start a race after they take a bet. The loser agrees to do what the winner asks. The race, however, ends in the most unexpected way.

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