Hayat Sevince Güzel | Does love really conquer all?

Hayat Sevince Güzel | Does love really conquer all?
What about Zarife's pride and her wish to avenge herself? 
Episode 15

Savaş declares in fron of everyone that he wants to marry Zarife. Even though she refuses at first, Savaş finds a way to convince her. On the one hand, Zarife loves him madly but on the other, she looks for ways to get back at him. For her, revenge is the only way to mend her hurt pride.
Barış says he wants to get over Zarife and even claims to get involved with the next girl he meets. Who’s going to be this girl, and will he stick to his word?
Emine and Osman are over the moon after hearing that Zarife agrees to marry. Yet, Osman’s bad luck keeps chasing them.
Savaş’s proposal to Zarife takes the Göçer house by storm. Knowing that Barış is also in love with Zarife, Şefika tries to come up with a plan to stop this marriage. With the announcement of their marriage, Rüstem and Ömer become the mock of the town so they also try to figure out how to stop it.
There are so many people who wants to stand in the way of Zarife and Savaş’s happily-ever-after. Will their love conquer all? How about Zarife’s internal struggle? Will she say ‘yes’ or leave Savaş at the altar?

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