İçerde | Mert and Sarp's top-secret collaboration

İçerde | Mert and Sarp's top-secret collaboration
Mert owes Sarp his life after what he did to save him from Davut 
Episode 3

Sarp finds solution in shooting himself to save Mert the night Ömer gets executed by Davut. This will have to be kept a secret between Sarp and Mert. As Mert tries to save himself and runs, Davut leaves Sarp to die in the woods. Thinking that he’s going to die out there, an unexpected someone helps him. Davut will have to answer some questions about that. When Sarp shows up injured at the carpark, Alyanak suspects someone helped Sarp. Füsun looked for Sarp all night but she couldn’t find him anywhere. Worried about her son, she goes to Alyanak’s carpark. They hide Sarp’s injury from her. Celal gets Sarp treatment at a secluded lake house. Melek doesn’t want to leave him all alone and this causes a blooming romance between the two.

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