Babam ve Ailesi | Brothers fight and get arrested

Babam ve Ailesi | Brothers fight and get arrested
Kadir and Mert confront each other after the surgery 
Episode 3

Having learned the truth about his father after he leaves the hospital, Mert goes to Adana without telling his family. He intends to see Kadir and talk him out of his plan. Their confrontation doesn’t go as planned because they engage in a fight and get arrested. After Kemal goes to Adana and bails them out, Kadir learns from his uncle Fadıl that Nilgün lied to him before the surgery and that she never intended to marry Kemal in the first place. After this revelation, it becomes impossible for Kemal and Nilgün to reunite upon hearing Kadir’s condition to his mother and Mert’s condition to his father.

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