Kertenkele | Melis is kidnapped during the engagement party

Kertenkele | Melis is kidnapped during the engagement party
Zeynep wears her mask and tries to save her 
Episode 73

Akıncı tries to figure out who the guy in the crescent-star costume is while Ejder questions if this new hero is actually Kertenkele or not. Officer Yılmaz finds something unexpected during his search for officer Murat’s real identity. Meanwhile, Zeynep (the girl in the mask) starts running the cafe in the neighborhood where she’ll see her least favorite person officer Murat all the time. Azmi tries to marry Zeynep to Murat. Hicabi’s arranged marriage from his childhood Crazy Meryem comes to İstanbul because she doesn’t want Gizem to have Hicabi. Their rivalry over Hicabi is going to be a big one. During her engagement party, Kara Kemal kidnaps Melis. The girl in the mask runs into officer Murat once again as she is trying to save Melis. She decides to find out who Murat really is and what he is really after.

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