Love For Rent | Ömer is determined to get his Defne back

Love For Rent | Ömer is determined to get his Defne back
Ömer's sudden return interferes with Defne's recuperation
Episode 54

Ömer and Defne meet in the most unexpected way. This collision changes the course of their future. Ömer is nervous and persistent. He tells Sinan that he wants Defne, but what is he willing to do to get her back?
Neriman regrets her actions completely. She needs to speak to Ömer and ask for his forgiveness. Does she have any credit left? Will the new and liberated Ömer forgive her? Thrown completely off-balance after their encounter, Defne doesn’t know how to handle Pamir’s event offer. This episode will portray Defne’s inner struggle of love, anger and passion!
Koray begs Ömer to employ him at Passionis once again. Koray’s personal parade of getting his job back is in full throttle. How does Pamir feel about working with Koray, if he can’t make it back to Passionis?
Defne enjoys the brightest era of her career and receives new offers each day. She now has to handle both Passionis and StilVagonu logistics. How will this affect Ömer, Pamir, Seda and Sinan?

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