Back Streets | The team goes after Colonel and his men

Back Streets | The team goes after Colonel and his men
They use tire tracks and the manufacturer to get to Colonel 
Episode 410

It’s finally official that the bodies in the burning car are killed with the same guns used at the hospital raid. They find the source by tire tracks from the burning car. Arda, Volkan and Hande go to the tire manufacturer and try to find out who was the buyer. They make a list of people who are possibly in contact with Yörük, all of whom are on the wanted list. The crew make plans to reach out to Asım Aydın, his last connection. Mesut and Hüsnü have a serious talk with Hakan about his relationship with Aylin, giving him the necessary warnings. Organized crime officer İsmail visits the police headquarters. He tells the crew that they’d been chasing after Asım for a long time and that this team should stay out of this. Ali organizes a raid at the village house with Albay, Tuğrul and Cevdet reportedly inside. This raid isn’t a smooth one and Mesut, Hakan and Selin show up as reinforcement. Bombs start going off and Albay and his men manage to flee. Hakan can’t believe 3 of his school friends is under supervision for the coup attempt. He goes to the headquarters and visits his friend Polat to inquire. Meanwhile, Hakan is under arrest for the same accusations by Head officer İsmail and his team.

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