Never Let Go | Fatih is willing to do anything for Nur

Never Let Go | Fatih is willing to do anything for Nur
Nur gets closer to Fatih as she avoids Yiğit 
Episode 58

Yiğit and Nur are at a difficult crossroads. Either one’s step forward will unwind the other and they’ll get together once again but both refrain from doing anything. Nur has nothing to lose anymore, neither does Fatih. Elmas, whose baby is kidnapped by Cahit and Nazan, finds out there’s a custody trial and that Cahit and Nazan are actually still married. Yiğit is the only one who can help Elmas so he promises her to find the baby and bring it back to her. İclal and Aytül can’t tolerate the idea of Nur coming back home. Aytül will definitely enforce her plan to get rid of Nur. To make Yağmur jealous, Yaren takes Emin to the pizzeria where she works. When Emin sees Yağmur there, he’ll figure out what Yaren is trying to do. Elmas will go to Cahit and Nazan to get her baby back. The more Yiğit stays away from Nur, the more Fatih gets close to her. Fatih is now willing to go to the other end of the world for Nur.

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