Endless Love | Emir starts a revenge plan involving Nihan's baby

Endless Love | Emir starts a revenge plan involving Nihan's baby
Nihan's revenge plan, on the other hand, involves Kemal 
Episode 37

As soon as Kemal leaves prison and sees Nihan, he starts seeking revenge. Unaware of his daughter Deniz, every move of revenge will only come back to harm him. Nihan, however, knows that Kemal is the only person who can stand against Emir and save her daughter.
No matter how big their conflict is, Emir knows that Kemal and Nihan have no clear boundary between them regardless of their fight and separation. That’s why Emir starts a game of manipulating Nihan through Deniz. In every move she makes, Nihan will fight against the name of Kozcuoğlu and her own feelings.
Reckoning marathon starts for Kemal as soon as he is out of prison. His aggressive moves that come quickly are very unlike him.
Months later, Nihan and Kemal meet at the kite hill and their confrontation is a lenghty one. The time that has passed not only nourished the lies they’ve told, but it also pushed their love into too deep. Their love now stands as a weapon between them. Kemal’s gamble will be a bet against Nihan’s pride, as well as her heart. Nihan faces the most difficult decision of her life in exchange for her daughter’s life.
Hüseyin sees Kemal’s celebration dinner as an opportunity to reunite his family. Neither Tarık nor Zeynep want to go to this dinner but they can’t escape either. Unaware that she stands right in the middle of Kemal and Nihan’s fate, Zeynep confronts her brother. The confrontation of siblings is an indication that the crack in Soydere family is only getting deeper.
Determined not to yield to Emir, Nihan makes a decision that involves Kemal in order to get her daughter back. This decision will not only be the biggest test of their endless love, but it will also ignite their dying love.

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