Familya | Yaşar continues with his redemption plan

Familya | Yaşar continues with his redemption plan
With Ateş's arrival, Yaşar has all his children by his side 
Episode 2

Being the last circle of the ‘family’, Ateş’s arrival shocks everybody. Yaşar’s wish of reuniting his family isn’t going to be an easy task. Stuck between the desire to get to know his children better and the wish to redeem himself, Yaşay Beyoğlu sets his plans into motion.
As the members of the family do their own thing, Casim’s struggle for profit continues. He seeks for a loophole in the family. Despite the anger his children nourished for years and his decreasing time, Yaşar Beyoğlu keeps his hopes up at all times. Yet just when he thinks things are alright, another surprise greets them.

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