Broken Pieces | Cansu tries to win her father back

Broken Pieces | Cansu tries to win her father back
Cansu might be ill, how will it affect her pregnancy?
Episode 73

When he returns to İstanbul to identify Rahmi’s body, Cihan is shocked. Maide finds out that the boat explosion she planned to kill Cihan caused many to die, except for cihan. On the other hand, having fallen into Ozan’s trap, she thinks Hazal set her up.
Asuman discovers Hazal’s weak spots and starts manipulating her, all the while keeping in touch with Candan who is Dilara’s nemesis. Dilara is intimidated by Harun’s excessive jealousy and his reactions. When Dilara and Cihan meets, it becomes a golden opportunity for Asuman to complicate Dilara’s life.
Cansu’s pregnancy excites everybody but her doctor is worried. Deniz is shaken with the news he receives from the doctor. Meanwhile, Cansu tries to redeem herself to her father. Ozan makes a plan and Cansu faces her father. Deniz’s father Burhan is also chasing after his own plan regarding Özkan.

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