Hangimiz Sevmedik | Itır rethinks her relationship with Tarık

Hangimiz Sevmedik | Itır rethinks her relationship with Tarık
The revelation of a secret makes Itır think about her future with Tarık 
Episode 7

Nuri and his man unknowingly make the two families bond. Münir and Adile jump in front of the gun to protect their children. Their savior will be the same person who caused all this: Şener. He interferes as soon as he arrives, having brought along someone who can help stop Nuri. Someone who is a close yet troublesome friend...
Adile and Münir have nothing nice to say to Şener and Ayşen, when they change their mind about leaving and come back to save their families. Adile even makes the move of promising Ayşen to İlyas in order to break her connection to Şener and perhaps also to hurt Münir a little bit. She won’t change her mind despite Ayşen’s objections and Şener’s begging. Münir retaliates the same way and tells Mürüvvet that they’ll come over to ask for her hand in marriage with Şener. Münir starts lecturing Şener as soon as they get home because his reckless behavior was what got them into this life-threatening situation. Şener, however, is quite and unhappy. During an argument, Itır learns the secret that’s been hidden from her for years. This will force her to reevaluate her relationship with Tarık.

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