Seviyor Sevmiyor | Yiğit crushed upon his father's visit

Seviyor Sevmiyor | Yiğit crushed upon his father's visit
Though İrem wants to be the one to pick him up, it's going to be Deniz who can really help him 
Episode 11

Yiğit’s father Teoman almost recognizes Deniz at first sight. The only solution for Deniz and İrem is to introduce him to İrem and convince him that İrem is actually Deniz Aslan.
Neşe figures out this game Deniz and İrem are playing and threatens İrem to convince Deniz to resign. İrem is lost about what to do and she talks to Tuna about it. Tune tries to convince Neşe but fails. Tuna will have to convince her using other methods, like finding out if Neşe has secrets of her own...
Yiğit is ruined after his father’s visit. That brave, confident man is replaced by someone else and it’s going to be İrem who’ll have to console him. She will have to bring him back to life. This time, however, it’s not going to be Deniz’s childhood memories that does that. İrem tries to do this on her own without revealing who she really is. Even though it seems to be working at first, it is actually Deniz who Yiğit needs.
Deniz assumes that in order to heal from this pain of love, she needs to like somebody else. She asks for Tuna’s help to meet Gölge. Meanwhile, Tuna will have to find a way to drive her away from Gölge. She finds a candidate for her and it is Cemal. Cemal meets Deniz pretending to be Gölge but things spiral out of control soon enough.

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