Madonna in a Fur Coat greenlit for screen adaptation!

Madonna in a Fur Coat greenlit for screen adaptation!
Sabahattin Ali's famous work was first published as a novel in 1943
Madonna in a Fur Coat is finally getting its screen adaptation. Ay Yapım has reportedly acquired the rights for adapting the novel. Ece Yörenç will be screenwriting the project. It is also reported that the movie is scheduled to be released for the 2017-2018 season.

The novel is highly popular in many countries of the world, having enjoyed the top-selling charts for a long time now. Consequently, it is estimated that the adaptation will be a co-production between Ay Yapım and a foreign production company. Also adding the meticulous nature of author Sabahattin Ali’s heiress Filiz Ali, if the writing for the adaptation get praise, the screen adaptation is sure to enjoy more success. We look forward to seeing the adaptation already. 
We’ll keep you posted!