Seksenler | A mysterious new shop opens

Seksenler | A mysterious new shop opens
Everybody wants to meet the mysterious shop owner 
Episode 194

It’s been 6 years since the September 12 military coup but its aftershocks still continue. Though the life is back to normal in the neighborhood, there are thousands of people in prison who get punishment for loving their country or others living illegally abroad, waiting to come back to their country. As they slowly begin their journey back home, things are different at home. Nazlı has left Ergun and went back to her father’s. Nobody knows where Ergun is and Nazlı doesn’t speak to anyone about this. Fehmi and Rukiye are devastated to see their daughter, whom they married with such great difficulties, but they won’t stop being there for her no matter what happens.
Rukiye finally finds someone for Nurten to marry. Her new groom-to-be is Seyfi and he wants to meet her, but there’s a problem. Nurten wants to meet him while Fehmi is present, she even wants to meet him while Rukiye and Fehmi are there with them. Furthermore, this groom-to-be is the kind to cause discomfort for Fehmi and drive him crazy. Meanwhile, a mysterious shop opens in the neighborhood. The residents are quite curious about the new owners. Çağatay completes his military service and returns, planning to start a relationship with Elvan’s best friend Funda, but a big surprise awaits him. The shock he’ll have to endure will turn his life upside down.

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