Back Streets | Vacation is over

Back Streets | Vacation is over
Latest events force Rıza to return earlier than he planned 
Episode 409

The hospital building explodes after Erdal shows up with the loaded luggage. The crew is buried under the rubbles, lights are out and everybody is scared. Pınar snaps out of her own shock and runs to Ayla and Rıza. Everybody tries to save themselves in their own way. It is now the only choice to catch Azmi, who organized this attack on the crew, dead or alive.
It’s been two months since the attack. Rıza is on his morning walk, having taken 2 months leave for the first time in his life. He was shot and came back from death. He thinks he deserved this leave after all that’s happened, but he’s wrong. First his team suffered, and then his country. First the explosion at the airport, then the attempted coup; meaning that his leave is officially finished. Now they have a huge task in their hands. They receive their secret mission file. The runaway military personnel Colonel Yüksel Yörük is reportedly in Turkey, and highly dangerous.
The crew had taken turns going on leave, some of them still waiting for their turn, like Selin and Mesut. They’ve been busy since Hüsnü is also on leave. When he returns, Mesut takes the opportunity to organize a couple’s vacation with Selin.

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