Bodrum Masalı | Yıldız stands up for her son Ateş

Bodrum Masalı | Yıldız stands up for her son Ateş
She faces her friends to protect Ateş 
Episode 5

Cahit finds Alara with Uzay’s help. He is determined to confront Ateş about all this. Yıldız will fight Ceyda and Cahit to protect Ateş. Şule suspects that Faryalı still loves Yıldız and she tries to make a decision with all her jealousy. Faryalı notices that Evren is working against the good of the hotel and reacts. Evren struggles to set his plans into motion and have a say in the management, willing to abuse anyone and anything in the way. Kelebek has dreams of starting a beach cafe for some time now. He has Ateş, Su and Aslı on his side to help him realize this dream but it’s harder than they think. Uzay and Cenk’s desire to sabotage this idea won’t make things any easier.

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