Intersection | Ali Nejat's past demons continue to haunt him

Intersection | Ali Nejat's past demons continue to haunt him
He will have to question his feelings for Eylül as well 
Episode 27

It’s been 7 months since Feyza found out that it’s her father Tarık who was responsible for her son Barış’s death and she shot himself to put him through the same kind of pain. Ali Nejat and Naz prepare for their wedding but Ali Nejat is confused about his feelings for Eylül. Meanwhile, in a complete coincidence, Naz learns a secret from the past regarding Ali Nejat; something everybody’s been hiding. This is the kind of secret that puts everyone at jeopardy, first and foremost Naz.
Umut’s release from prison depends entirely on Neslihan. If she takes the offer Murat made her, Umut will be set free. However, it is time for Umut to lose this time. Gökçe goes missing after Umut’s sentence and nobody can find her. As all of them wait impatiently, Genco thinks of an idea that could help.
Having lost Feyza, Enver is determined to keep Eylül. The plan he makes just to keep Eylül by his side affects everyone in the end...

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