Never Let Go | Fatih opens up to Nur

Never Let Go | Fatih opens up to Nur
Nur waits for her prison days to be over 
Episode 57

It’s been three months. Nur waits for Yiğit, behind bars where she is restrained. Yiğit takes his son Mert to physical therapy with İclal so he can walk again. By her side completely, Fatih doesn’t want to hide his feelings from Nur anymore. He is willing to confront Yiğit about it. İclal and Aytül are still angry with all that’s happened. Aytül is determined to end Nur’s living days while she’s in prison. Everybody waits for the hearing day, with full faith that justice will prevail. Meanwhile, having had a risky labor, Elmas is still hospitalized with her baby. Cahit and Nazan wait, having fully planned their strategy, waiting for baby Aslan to leave the incubator. They plan on starting their new life away from Elmas. Emin and Yaren’s love continue in full throttle, but when Emin sees Yağmur for the first time in months, will it bring back memories? Will Nur get out of Aytül’s death trap? Will Yiğit ever forgive Nur?

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