Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Ibrahim brought in as the competition

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Ibrahim brought in as the competition
They bring İbrahim over to Sarte to flirt with Hayat 
Episode 11

Aslı and İpek tell Hayat what they know. Didem’s pregnancy is a lie but before they even get a chance to prove it, Didem allegedly has a miscarriage. The girls try to go after this but to no good. After everything goes back to normal, Hayat tries to make Murat jealous, the girls and even Tuval are in on it this time. Hayat ups her game gradually and says that there’s someone she’s interested in. When she tells this to the girls, they decide the best candidate for the position is İbrahim. With Aslı’s help, İbrahim starts working at Sarte. Kerem finishes his one-month trial period with İpek and it makes him nervous. He asks for Aslı’s help. Derya continues her collaboration with Didem and even hosts her as a guest. She helps develop a plan to bring Didem back into Sarte and into Murat’s life, also going after Hayat.

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