Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan's new and bigger struggle starts

Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan's new and bigger struggle starts
Nihan visits Kemal in prison 
Episode 36

Nihan and Kemal drift apart in their own grief. Kemal accounts for the blood in his hands as Nihan’s pain doubles at the hospital where her twin brother died. Emir fights for his life while Galip makes an irreversible decision.
Zeynep gives in to her biggest fear, scared that her affair with Emir will be revealed. She acts to run away from her family and from the reality surrounding her. However, she won’t be able to stop the destruction coming her way.
On the day of the trial, everyone thinks Kemal will be let go but Galip does everything in his power to change the course of the trial. Kemal’s fate is changed with the testimony of someone most unexpected.
Emir wakes up to a shocking reality after a tough surgery. Kemal has left him a ticking bomb. Meanwhile, Emir understands that with Ozan’s death, he has nothing to force Nihan to stay with him now. In order to stop her from leaving, he puts forward the biggest leverage he has left.
While Ozan’s death seems like suicide, police officer Hakan suspects other things after he gets hold of Zeynep and Emir’s pictures together. When he digs into the case, he’ll find someone he least expected.
As Kemal fights for his life in an unfamiliar situation, he also tries to endure Emir and Galip’s threats. Nihan’s visit at prison derails Kemal.
Knowing that she’s going to have to protect her baby from Emir at all costs, Nihan makes a tough choice. However, her only problem isn’t Emir. Asu’s critical move will ruin Nihan’s plans.
His time in isolation, away from everyone, teaches Kemal that it is time for him to have justice for himself. When he steps out for the first time after a long while, his first struggle will be with his biggest weakness, his true love.

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