Gülümse Yeter | Hasan starts delegating

Gülümse Yeter | Hasan starts delegating
Hasan starts organizing a better life for his friends
Episode 9

Özdemir family deals with disappointment after the treasure hunt failure. Hasan gets back at Lütfü and Emre for digging up the house. In his former life, Lütfü was the owner of constructions whereas now he goes there as a worker. Determined to have all members of the Özdemir family working, Hasan now starts dealing with Yasemin. He asks her to immediately find a job and support the family. It’s a difficult transition for her because she’s never worked a day of her life. As Sarp and Yasemin grow intimate by the day, Gül tries to forget about her struggle about Seçil and Kemal at the hospital with Sarp’s help.

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