Broken Pieces | Paradise recess is over

Broken Pieces | Paradise recess is over
Dilara's new guest will blur the water in her newfound paradise 
Episode 72

Having lost his love Ayşe in his arms, witnessing his family break apart, Cihan can’t take it anymore. He transfers his shares to his children and resettles in a small seaside town. He faces himself and his past, oblivious to the great danger he is in.
Maide believes she lost the two beloved women in her life, whom she loved like daughters, because of Cihan. She nestles a hatred towards him and it only gets bigger by the day.
In their fight, Hazal stabs Özgür. She gets out of the situation without a problem but now she’ll have to depend on one of her enemies for the rest of her life.
Harun and Dilara celebrate their marriage in their residence, which they newly renamed ‘Redbud’. The persona non grata of the invite is Dilara’s older sister Asuman who lives in the US. Asuman shows up at the residence determined to ruin everything for Dilara, so she picks Hazal as her best friend.
Having married Deniz secretly, Cansu reveals to her family that she is pregnant. Ecstatic with the news, Özkan puts himself in huge trouble once again. Meanwhile, Cihan is about to face great danger coming from those who want to take advantage of his good intentions.

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